Delivery in Italy, a new deal in Romania. Time of trolleybus news for Solaris Bus & Coach. The first three of the ten new trolleybuses purchased by TEP Parma (Italy) have started operation in late 2020. The vehicles are running on Line 1 and are supported by a battery with enough capacity in order to allow the vehicle to cover sections of the route without overhead lines. Registration and homologation procedures are underway for the remaining seven Solaris Trollino, that are expected to join the first group on the road by mid-2021.

What is more, a new trolleybus order has been secured by Solaris in Romania: the municipality of Brasov (Transylvania) has ordered 25 Trollino 18. Based on the contract, the producer will supply articulated, low-floor and zero-emission trolleybuses to the customer within 12 months. The value of the contract (backed from EU) amounts to about EUR 19 million.

Solaris trolleybuses in Parma

A batch of 18 Solaris 12-meter trolleybuses has been ordered in 2019 from the operators SETA Modena and TEP Parma, both providing carrier services in the Emilia-Romagna region in the North of the country.

The vehicles will feature among others a central traction motor and traction batteries with a capacity of 45 kWh and a cooling system, all of which will allow the vehicles to cover a much longer distance without the need to be attached to overhead wires. There is room for nearly 80 passengers in the air-conditioned passenger compartment, and 24 of them will be seated. The seats, as well as internal walls, window pillars and the cover of the battery chamber will be given an anti-graffiti coating. The vehicle will also encompass a passenger information system with external and internal direction displays and voice announcement loudspeakers and energy-saving lighting in LED technology.

trolleybus parma

Solaris trolleybuses, a deal in Romania

It is worth mentioning that in July 2020 the manufacturer completed deliveries in Brasov under the earlier order, for 26 vehicles of this type. Some of the ordered Trollino will replace diesel buses on new trolleybus routes launched in the city.

The main purpose of the project co-financed by the EU is to reduce pollutant emissions in the centre of the city. The Trollino 18 are completely emission-free and quiet vehicles. The models ordered by Brasov will be equipped with a 240 kW electric motor. Thanks to fitting the vehicles with batteries they will be able to cover a certain distance of the route without a connection to the traction line. For instance, in the case of a power grid outage they will be able to safely exit an intersection.

All Trollino’s will be equipped with an efficient air conditioning system of the passenger space. The trolleybuses cannot lack neither a monitoring system, nor passenger information screens or USB chargers by means of which a passenger will be able to recharge their telephone or tablets. The 18 meter long Trollino’s will be able to carry up to 133 passengers, including 41 seated.


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