Second flash-charging contract in a short period of time for the ‘couple’ Hess – Hitachi Energy in Italy. After Genoa, the city of Vicenza has awarded a contract for 16 Hess lighTram TOSA (thanks to 19 million euros of State financing). City public transport carrier SVT will deploy the fleet on the “LAM Rossa” line by 2027. The vehicles will be charged at selected charging stations along the line using flash charging technology in collaboration with Hitachi.

Such e-bus systems from the Swiss company (are already in operation in Geneva, Nantes, Brisbane and Clermont-Ferrand or have been ordered. 

Hess flash-charging buses for Vicenza, Italy

Hess buses in Vicenza will cover a distance of around 55,000 km per year. The switch to electromobility will enable a CO2 saving of around 62,500 tonnes per year and vehicle compared with conventional Euro 6 buses. This will lead to a total reduction in CO2 emissions of 1,000 tonnes. 

The Hess lighTram is available in a total length of 10.7 to 24.7 metres. In Vicenza the 18-meter version will be delivered.

As a matter of fact, the new order was already reported on local media in November 2023. “The new buses for Vicenza will be able to transport up to 150 people (with 34 seats and 2 seats for non-ambulatory disabled people). The first units will be delivered to SVT by 31/10/2027, with delivery of the remaining vehicles scheduled by 30/12/2027”, local media wrote.

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