All bus types and chargers technologies integrated in the same fleet monitoring system. It’s the novelty provided by “Mixed fleet” platform launched by Dutch telematics company ViriCiti.

The system has been jointly developed with public transport company Qbuzz Netherlands, according to the needs of the carrier, who operates as many as 430 buses (diesel, electric and hydrogen) in Groningen and Drenthe concession.

The system will be launched at Busworld 2019 in Brussels.

viriciti monitor fleet

ViriCiti platform available to non electric buses

ViciCiti is a Dutch-based telematics company that claims to be the market leader in electric bus monitoring in both Europe and North America (last January they raised €6.25 million to expand their focus on the North American market) and now serve 200 operators worldwide.

Now their platform becomes open to non electric vehicles as well. By making their platform available for non-electric vehicles, all propulsion types, and charging stations, the company aims to make the transition to electric transport operations easier.

viriciti monitor fleet bus

Diesel, hybrid, hydrogen and electric buses in one platform

ViriCiti prides to be the first telematics provider that offers a all-in-one solution. Unlike telematics services provided bus manufacturers and third parties, ViriCiti is the only company that integrates diesel, hybrid, hydrogen, and electric vehicle technologies from different manufacturers and their charging infrastructure in one platform.

Thus, operators of large fleets can easily include vehicles from 6 different manufacturers. QBuzz alone works with diesel and electric, which accounts for 8 different manufacturers: 6 for their buses and 2 for the chargers.

Qbuzz to adopt ViriCiti system

Starting this October, ViriCiti explains, the complete Qbuzz fleet will be equipped with the ViriCiti system. In total, 430 new buses will be integrated into the same platform together with their charging infrastructure; depot and on-route charge stations. Last December, Qbuzz won the concession Groningen-Drenthe that is the largest and most expensive tendered concession of The Netherlands.

Accelerating adoption of zero emission buses

“We have been working with the ViriCiti system for quite some time now. With their Mixed Fleet solution, we now have a complete overview of our entire fleet – in one dashboard. We believe this has the potential to really accelerate our transition to a fully zero-emissions fleet.”, says Gerrit Spijksma, CEO of Qbuzz.

“We have seen the growing importance of having one platform, one data-standard, and one screen to monitor. To support operators that are transitioning their fleet into electric, we made our platform available for all vehicles and chargers. This provides them with insights in their full operations and allows them to prepare for a future change of vehicles’, says Freek Dielissen, CEO ViriCiti.


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