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TMB Barcelona set to welcome new 36 hydrogen buses (by Solaris)

More zero emission vehicles for Barcelona-based transport operator TMB, which has set a goal of achieving 25% of its fleet with zero emissions by 2024.  TMB 2025 Strategic Plan aims also to achieve that by 2025 65% of displacements in Barcelona are made by public transport, in front of private ...

90 Solaris hydrogen buses for the Venice Lagoon

The first Solaris hydrogen buses have arrived in Venice. The four vehicles are 12 meters long-the queen size for urban transport-and represent the green turnaround of the new Avm/Actv, the local public transport company, engaged in urban and suburban mainland. Hydrogen refueling will be provided at ...


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Safra will supply ten hydrogen buses to the French city of Dunkirk

Safra has won Dunkirk’s tender to supply 10 hydrogen buses: the Communauté Urbaine de Dunkerque, in fact, has chosen SAFRA’s next-generation HYCITY bus, a 12-meter, 3-door vehicle. These 10 HYCITY vehicles will be operational on the Dunkirk network in 2024. The contract is complemented b...

3 Foton fuel cell buses are set to operate in Tasmania

Foton Mobility Distribution (FMD) announces that it has been selected to provide three Hydrogen Fuel Cell electric buses to Metro Tasmania. The tender process commenced in mid-2022 and culminated in the recent signing of Unconditional Contracts and confirmation of funding, Foton points out. The FCEB...

Hyundai is set to supply 1,300 fuel cell buses to Seoul

By 2026, Seoul wants to replace 1,300 internal combustion buses with new fuel cell buses. To achieve this, South Korea’s capital has turned to local Hyundai Motor, which will handle the major order. Starting in 2020, Hyundai Motor is a hydrogen bus supplier for Seoul. Specifically, of the 1,30...

Solaris hydrogen bus supply for Austria’s Wiener Linien canceled

Austrian and Viennese transport company Wiener Linien will not use Solaris hydrogen fuel cell buses: the contract to supply 10 FCEV from the Polish manufacturer has been severed.Reporting the news is the Hungarian specialized website Magyarbusz. The reason for this rupture? According to what those d...
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