It’s no novelty that Forsee Power is partnering with CaetanoBus for the battery-electric buses manufactured by the Portuguese company. Now the French supplier (which also equips Heuliez Bus and Alstom e-buses) announces that it has been involved also in the realization of the hydrogen bus CaetanoBus H2.City Gold.

The vehicle, based on Toyota fuel cell technology, that will be tested in Paris with RATP livery will in fact feature Forsee Power batteries associated with 5 hydrogen tanks.

forsee power caetanobus hydrogen

CaetanoBus – Forsee Power ready for London

CaetanoBus zero emission battery-electric vehicles, powered with Forsee Power batteries, already operate in many European cities like Lisbon, Braga and London, where 34 vehicles will be deployed by Abellio. The new buses will enter service from March 2020 (what is also interesting is that for this order a new financing scheme has been put in place).

RATP, the hydrogen challenge. With Forsee Power

The partnership between Forsee Power and CaetanoBus has been confirmed also for the hydrogen bus, named CaetanoBus H2.City Gold, launched at Busworld Brussels 2019. It will be soon tested in Paris, where also the Solaris Urbino hydrogen will be subject to a trial.

«We hope we will be able to build a few hydrogen lines in the short term future. However, our main strategy is focused on battery electric and CNG buses. Fuel cell could be complementary to this strategy», said Nicolas Cartier, RATP general manager of transport system department in Paris and director of the Bus2025 project, to Sustainable Bus.

CaetanoBus H2.City Gold: battery on the roof

Forsee Power is now tackling the challenge of hydrogen propulsion with its high-power Pulse 15 batteries. Batteries are installed on the roof and associated with 5 hydrogen tanks.

Thus, the H2.City Gold, according to the partners, can travel up to 400 km in zero-emission mode with the combination of Forsee Power battery systems and fuel cells.

With regards to the pilot in Paris, Christophe Gurtner, CEO of Forsee Power, says: “We are proud to support CaetanosBus in this new hydrogen propulsion solution. Their partnership with RATP once again proves that this key transport operator is dedicated to making the French capital a clean and sustainable city. The same values that drive the Forsee Power’s teams everyday “.


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