13 Volvo electric buses 7900 will start operating on route 7 in Malmö from mid-December. The vehicles are part of one of the biggest investments ever in all-electric bus traffic in Sweden. The buses, deployed by Nobina, are equipped with fast charging systems and are charged at the end stations of the route.

electric bus volvo malmo
Peter Kroon

New interior design for Malmö Volvo 7900 Electric

Malmö is one of the cities at the forefront of Swedish transition to zero emission transport system. The city aims to switch to electric buses the main city bus routes. The first route to be electrified by Skånetrafiken, provider of public transport in the Skåne region, is number 7 between Svågertorp and Ön via Malmö Centre, a distance of just under 15 km. 13 fully electric buses have been delivered by Volvo. The electric buses will be Skånetrafiken’s first with a new interior design, that features a couch at the back. Usb sockets for charging the mobile phone are close to each seat. Special lighting shine in the bus at night.

Electricity comes from green sources

The Volvo 7900 Electric buses consume about 80 per cent less energy than corresponding diesel buses, states Volvo Buses. They are powered by green electricity to minimise their environmental and climate impact. The bus batteries are charged at the end stations, a process that takes between two and six minutes. Volvo has also sold all-electric buses to Gothenburg (30 units for the biggest order sofar in Sweden), and electric hybrids to Värnamo in Sweden. On the company’s overseas markets, Volvo has sold all-electric buses to the United Kingdom, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Norway and Poland (where also seven 7900 hybrid have been placed). All told the company has sold more than 4,000 electrified Volvo buses globally.

Electrification of public transport to improve environment

“It’s really gratifying that one of Malmö’s main lines has now been fully electrified with our quiet and emission-free electric buses. Electrically powered bus traffic helps considerably improve the everyday environment of everyone who lives, travels and spends time in our cities, and this is a development to which we naturally want to contribute,” says Martin Spjern, Key Account Director at Volvo Buses Sweden.


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