In addition to the new generation of the E-Way, the first-ever electric Crossway – the Crossway LE Electric – and also the first-ever electric Streetway, Iveco Bus unveiled a fourth noteworthy innovation at “Feel the Blue Pulse,” the event dedicated to electromobility held in Paris in recent days. Namely, the new eDaily, which actually follows the commercialization of its van counterpart launched last year at the IAA in Hanover (also in a fuel cell version).

The eDaily Line version is available for order throughout Europe, and deliveries will begin early next year.

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Iveco Bus eDAILY: the same DAILY as always, but electric

With the eDaily model, Iveco bus extends its minibus offering with a reliable and cost-effective zero-emission solution designed to fit perfectly with the requirements of urban and intercity missions.

The new eDaily has an updated Iveco logo, which features lighter, more agile and dynamic lettering based as much on the brand’s tradition as on its willingness to innovate. It can accommodate up to 22 passengers and is also available in a chassis-only version, so that outfitters have the freedom to take advantage of the electric motor.

The new synchronous electric motor installed at the rear of the vehicle offers high efficiency and constant power delivery (140 kW maximum power, 400 Nm maximum torque). Power consumption can be optimized with the drive mode selector switch, which allows maximum power to be extracted or minimized.

In addition, the eDaily offers three regeneration modes, including One-Pedal Drive mode for smooth driving, and converts kinetic energy from braking into electricity to reduce energy consumption and brake pad wear.

The Iveco Bus electric minibus is equipped with three battery packs of 37 kWh each, with a total capacity of 111 kWh. The batteries are installed inside the chassis, thus minimizing the impact on the bodywork. The 37 kWh battery pack, supplied by FPT, features cells with unique lithium-ion technology and offers incredible energy density (265 Wh/kg at cell level), 95 percent usable energy (best in class) and low battery weight (270 kg). It can be recharged at public columns, industrial and household outlets.

Charging options include fast charging up to 80 kW. The front charging connector of the new eDAILY is easily accessible from any direction. Behind the sliding door that protects the connector from water and dust, an LED indicator shows charging status and level. A range of ePTOs up to 15 kW is available to power any additional equipment, such as air conditioning for passengers or a disabled ramp.

Other all-electric versions of the new eDaily will follow during 2024, including the eDaily Access version.


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