Crossway LE Elec, eDaily for passengers’ transportation, Streetway Electric. These are the three innovations launched today (24th May) by Iveco Bus during an electromobility-focused event held in Paris. Also a ‘new generation’ version of the E-Way was launched.

One of the key highlights, the most anticipated (world premiere at UITP Summit), is the Iveco Bus Crossway LE Elec, the brand’s first-ever 100% electric intercity vehicle. With a focus on reducing emissions and promoting eco-friendly travel, the Crossway LE Elec showcases Iveco Bus dedication to sustainable transportation options. The intercity e-bus launch is in line with the brand roadmap of having a full electric bus range in 2023

Another notable addition is the Iveco Bus eDaily, following the commercialization of its van counterpart launched at the IAA Hannover event last year (even in a fuel cell-powered version).

Additionally, the Iveco Bus Streetway Elec joins the latest range of vehicles launched by the company. The Streetway range is indeed manufactured in Turkey in the framework of an industrial collaboration with Otokar. It complements the existing CNG and diesel versions of the model, launched in 2021.


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