La Rochelle Conurbation is set to integrate 11 electric buses into its Yélo network as part of the “La Rochelle Territoire Zéro Carbone” (La Rochelle Zero Carbon Territory) initiative. These electric vehicles are supplied by the Iveco-Heuliez group and manufactured at the Heuliez plant in Rorthais. It’s the outcome of 5 million euros investment.

On the same Yelo fleet of La Rochelle a unique fleet of Alstom Aptis was put in operation a few years ago, before the Aptis project was discontinued in 2021.

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La Rochelle electric bus fleet, with Heuliez

The 100% electric buses, officially unveiled in front of the La Rochelle Aquarium on December 22, 2023, signifies a shift towards cleaner and more sustainable public transport options.

Operated by the Régie des Transports Communautaires Rochelais (RTCR), the electric buses will undergo a phased deployment across the Yélo network starting in January 2024. This strategic approach allows for the seamless integration of electric buses into the existing transport infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition for both operators and passengers.


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