Quantron AG is launching its own all-electric city bus. The vehicle Cizaris will be showcased worldwide as part of an online presentation. Initially planned for end 2021, the event is scheduled for February 16 at 10 am (CET) at event.quantron.net live.

Quantron Cizaris: fuel cell version to come

The zero-emission city bus is initially available as a BEV version «with a price that is below the current price level for comparable BEV buses», German Quantron says. In this way, the company seeks to enable environmentally friendly passenger transport and offer a cost-effective alternative to conventional diesel buses. The FCEV version of the 12 m vehicle with fuel cells from Ballard Power Systems is already under development.

According to previous statements from Quantron, the vehicle will be offered in cooperation with its investor and strategic partner Ev Dynamics, with the first in charge of product development and the latter in charge of production.

The 12 m bus relies on LiFePo4 batteries from the world’s leading manufacturer CATL (Quantron is also the European dealer for CATL). The charging power is up to 80 kW with a battery capacity of up to 422 kWh, the manufacturer states, that allows «a range range of up to 360 km according to E-SORT 2».


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