Quantron is set to launch an electric 12-metre low-floor bus named Quantron 12. The news is reported on electrive.com. Two versions of the model will be offered: one battery-electrically powered (available from end 2021), while the fuel cell one is set to be on market from spring 2022.

Still according to statements from Quantron mentioned on the German-based media, the vehicle will be offered in cooperation with its investor and strategic partner Ev Dynamics, with the first in charge of product development and the latter in charge of production.

Quantron is the European dealer of Karsan electric bus range and of Chinese battery giant CATL. The company has launched in May 2021 the Quantron Academy, a competence centre for customized training and further education for safe and efficient work on electric vehicles.

Ev Dynamics, Quantron’s strategic partner

On the occasion of IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich, Quantron has announced the beginning of a partnership with Canadian fuel cell modules provider Ballard Power Systems: the two companies are set to cooperate with the aim of developing hydrogen fuel cell electric truck platforms. According to the initial framework, Quantron, whose new CEO was announced a few days ago, will integrate Ballard’s latest generation FCmove heavy-duty fuel cell power modules into its electric truck platforms.

Back to the e-bus venture, the model is set to be realized jointly with Ev Dynamics. Headquartered in Hong Kong (and listed at the stock exchange), the company acts as a solution provider integrating, among others, powertrain technologies for electric vehicles. The company has entered a share swap agreement with Quantron AG, based in Germany, in end July 2021, with Ev Dynamics becoming investor and strategic partner of Quantron.

The «BEV version of the Quantron 12 will have a maximum power of 250 kW, a torque of 3,400 Nm and a maximum battery capacity of 422 kWh», electrive says. On board there will be place for up to 95 passengers. What is more, the model is said to be already in operation in the Far East.


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