Singapore is on its way to launch its the first large-scale award of electric buses with charging infrastructure.

Singapore Acting Minister for Transport Chee Hong Tat just announced two contracts to procure a total of 360 electric buses (with option for further 60 vehicles) and another two contracts for the deployment of charging systems in bus depots at Sengkang West, East Coast and Gali Batu were awarded. The vehicles will be deployed starting from December 2024. Charging systems will also be installed at the bus depots progressively from December 2024.

The first batch of 10 electric buses had reached Singapore’s streets in 2020. And 50 more vehicles will be introduced over the rest of this year. The country will only buy electric or hybrid buses from now on. The goal? A full electrified bus fleet by 2040. By 2030, electric buses are expected to make up half of our public bus fleet.

Opening picture’s source: FB page of Buses in Singapore

Singapore, LTA towards zero emission bus fleet in 2040

240 electric three-door single deck buses have been awarded to BYD (for about S$108.1 million), Singapore Land Transport Authority states. Furthermore, 120 electric three-door single deck buses were awarded to “Cycle & Carriage Automotive Pte. Limited (partnered with Zhongtong Bus) for a contract sum of about S$58.3 million”. What about charging systems? The went to Sengkang West and East Coast to Busways Pte Ltd/ Shell Singapore Pte Ltd Consortium at a contract sum of about $31.3 million. Finally, EV charging systems in bus depot at Gali Batu to Presico Engineering Pte Ltd at a contract sum of about $14.8 million.

LTA stresses that “For the electric bus tenders, criteria such as the tenderer’s experience, track record, technical specifications of the proposed bus and compliance with local regulations, were factored into the quality evaluation. The contracts also include an option to procure up to 60 more electric buses if needed”.


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