New electric bus tender secured by Temsa: the Turkish company is expanding its electromobility activities in Eastern Europe. The company announces it has just won a tender held in Arad with its dealership Anadolu Automobil Rom.

Having signed an agreement for a total of 10 electric buses, being five units of nine-meter MD9 electriCity and five units of 12-meter Avenue Electron, Temsa will deliver a total of 14 electric vehicles to the city, along with the tenders won in the last six months, in 2022.

Temsa, an electric bus offensive

Temsa has so far exported a batch of electric buses in Sweden and got the first order for vehicles jointly developed with Skoda. The company has started to produce Li-Ion battery packs for its electric vehicles’ range in its Adana plant. CEO Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu said: “Half of our buses will be electric by 2025”.

The Avenue Electron that will be on the roads of Romania’s city of Buzău in 2021 was first introduced at Hanover Commercial Vehicle Fair held in Germany in 2018. The vehicle commissioned in Romania has a length of 12 meters has 35 seats and 85-person passenger capacity.

Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu, Temsa CEO, comments: “We continue our endeavors rapidly to strengthen our position in foreign markets, particularly in Europe, with our partners’ know-how and competitive power in the international markets, on this journey we have set out with the vision of contributing to the future of transportation and sustainability of our world. In this sense, Romania is a quite valuable market for us. Our first access into the market was with the tender we won in Buzau in recent months. We are strengthening our position in the region by increasing the number of vehicles through our new agreement.  We believe that the fleet of 14 electric vehicles that we will deliver will constitute an example for the ‘Smart Cities’ vision with their economic, comfortable, safe, and environment-friendly structure along with their aspect of keeping up with the modern architecture of the city”.


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