eVersum and ZF Group have unveiled the culmination of 15 months of collaboration: the delivery of the inaugural AD-enabled eVersum eShuttle. eVersum has announced the milestone in a Linkedin post. The Austrian-based eVersum has announced last year a cooperation with tech provider Oxa.

It’s worth mentioning that ZF announced in December 2023 a strategic adjustment to its shuttle business. The German group has indeed “decided to no longer pursue the goal of facilitating entire autonomous transportation systems, including shuttles and their fleet management. Instead, the strategic focus and allocation of funds will shift to providing engineering services to customers and further developing the building blocks needed to advance autonomous driving”.

eVersum – ZF autonomous shuttle for RABus consortium

The vehicle realized in cooperation with ZF will be operated by the RABus consortium in Friedrichshafen and Mannheim, Germany, later this year.

eVersum states that “eVersum is now expanding and enhancing our offerings in the autonomous shuttle arena. We are both leveraging our existing eShuttle platform and developing a new SAE Level 4 capable platform, set to redefine the market in 2025.”

eVersum is active in the manufacturing of future-looking electric vehicles, with a portfolio of three models so far: the eShuttle, the eTrain and the eCity (that, as it was announced in January 2021, is currently being developed in cooperation with Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG). In summer 2021 the company announced a deal with US battery supplier Microvast. In late 2021, eVersum announced a cooperation with Rocsys in developing autonomous charging of eShuttles .


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