North American bus dealer ABC Companies is conducting a demo tour of its 100% battery electric Van Hool motorcoach models along with several zero emission shuttle vehicles (i.e. from 12 to 69 passengers) in USA and Canada. The initiative is called ‘ABC Companies Zero Emissions Tour‘.

What is interesting, the Van Hool TDX25E double deck coach (launched in late 2021) travelled over 2500 miles from Florida to California exclusively on public chargers.

The Van Hool TDX25E Double Deck 69-passenger motorcoach, and the CX45E 52-passenger coach utilize Proterra battery systems and are capable of ranges well over 250 miles per charge, ABC Companies states. In addition, the tour also includes 100% battery electric cutaway shuttles based on popular chassis options including the Ford E450.

ABC Companies on a tour with electric coaches

Since early May, the company has sponsored tours and test drives with customers in key regions around the country to showcase the EV models, while creating awareness and educating commercial users, their communities, stakeholders and lawmakers about the many benefits of zero-emissions ground transportation. 

With tour stops across the US and Canada, it has also highlighted the flexibility of these vehicles to travel utilizing publicly available chargers, ABC Companies stresses. With the growing number of available fast chargers through networks such as Electrify America, the tour has also included a number of long-distance connections between tour stops.

It is also stated that the Van Hool TDX25E double deck motorcoach travelled over 2500 miles from Florida to California exclusively on public chargers. This follows a number of other trips completed by other tour vehicles showcasing their flexibility across various temperatures, travel speeds, elevations, grades and more. All vehicles are monitored in real time with telematics systems capturing precise locations, vehicle performance, energy usage, projected ranges and more, providing ongoing learning and real-world data. 

ABC Companies Zero Emissions Tour

The tour has already gained traction with ABC customers utilizing stops to promote EV awareness in their districts with many having success creating local press events.

“The goal of the ABC Companies Zero Emissions Tour is simple, we want customers and communities to understand that zero emissions coach and shuttle travel is a reality now, even as technology and infrastructure is still growing. There are a lot of misconceptions and confusion about what is reality versus what is still in development. Bringing these vehicles directly to our customers, demonstrates our confidence in their potential to transform travel now. This is a rare moment in time for the motorcoach and passenger transportation industry to lead a transformation that is top of mind with the public and our government”, said Roman Cornell, President and CCO ABC Companies.

“Our fleet electrification services program is helping operators assess and create a roadmap to sustainability by crystallizing a vision of their fleet operations today and guiding them to the right-fit EV options that can dovetail with existing operations. North American roads will look quite different in the coming decades and ABC Companies is prepared to help public and private operators transition to a sustainable, zero emissions business model designed to optimize current and future operations”, said Cornell. 

“We’ve shaped this program to give our operators the unique ability to experience electric vehicles in their fleets firsthand which in turn allows them to promote and directly demonstrate to customers and communities their commitment to green transportation and a zero emissions future”, said Thom Peebles, Vice President Marketing ABC Companies. 

“Depending upon the application, EVs can help operators take advantage of new and growing niche markets that demand zero-emissions vehicles such as private employee shuttle operations, line runs, university campus loops or any situation that requires large or small group moves”, said Peebles.


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