by Usha Praveen

Blackbuck EV has kicked off road trials for its ELON 3X electric bus. These trials signify a pivotal phase as the vehicles undergo rigorous validation and testing in preparation for certification. First pictures of the new product were shared in late 2023.

Ramakrishnam Raju, the Founder & CEO of Blackbuck EV, stated that the market debut of the ELON 3X is scheduled for 2025, and that the bus will be manufactured at their upcoming Micro-factories in Hyderabad.

According to study released in late 2023, a share between 11 and 13% of new bus sales in 2025 are expected to be electric in India.

Blackbuck EV starts road trial for the ELON 3X e-bus

Following the proving ground trials, Blackbuck EV plans to conduct public road trials with one of India’s leading transport operators in Q1 2025. Moreover, production is slated to commence in the same quarter, marking significant progress in the company’s timeline.

Indeed Blackbuck EV has ambitious plans for the future. The ELON 3X is the initial offering from the ELON skateboard platform, with plans to launch other models like ELON 2X (10.5m) and ELON 4X (14.5m) in the coming years.

Blackbuck EV new skateboard platform

Blackbuck EV is a new entry in the Indian bus transportation market. Their efforts are focusing in the development of an ultra-lightweight, modular e-bus platform. “We have a defined a product roadmap in which the bus lengths are from 9 to 15 meters offering a luxurious selection on a single base and comes with Dual or Multi-axles”, told the company’s CEO Ramakrishnam Raju in an interview published on Sustainable Bus in March 2023.

blackbuck elon road trial

The company’s dedication to reducing carbon emissions extends to every aspect of its operation, from material selection to manufacturing processes. Notably, insights into the nuances of the Indian market have been meticulously incorporated into the design of the ELON 3X, considering preferences for long journeys, superior suspension systems, noise reduction, and well-designed sleeper beds.

“Unlike electric buses derived from diesel counterparts, the ELON 3X embodies a ground-up approach, integrating cutting-edge technology to ensure passenger comfort, reliability, and safety. This approach also offers fleet operators a cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable solution”, underscores Ramakrishnam Raju.

Rama Chintalapati, co-founder, and director expressed gratitude to the team and supporters for their dedication to redefining industry norms. ELON 3X, she emphasized, embodies the company’s ethos of sustainability and customer-centric innovation, aiming to meet the diverse needs of passengers and operators alike.


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