2,400 participants (20 percent more than in 2022) attended Bus2Bus 2024, ‘populated’ by 140 exhibitors from 20 countries. The expo was live on 24-25th Aprile and dates are already scheduled for the next edition: April 15 and 16, 2026.

Well, what have we seen at the expo?

At the forefront is MAN with the BEV version of the Lion’s City LE and a Neoplan Tourliner equipped with the ADAS technologies required by the GSR2 regulations that will come into force in July. The brand has been sharing some more information about the eCoach set for launch in 2025: it’ll be featuring high-power charging for up to 375 kW (more details will come in an interview with MAN’s Head of Bus Barbaros Oktay that we’ll be publishing in the coming weeks).

Omnicar launching BEV range with Chinese Wisdom

Omnicar, a 25-years old German company active so far in the bodyworks on Sprinter and Daily minibuses, has launched its first vehicles with own logo unveiling the W-Smile S6 and W-Smile S7 at Bus2Bus. Its electric minibus range targets the German and French markets, aiming to meet the rising demand for sustainable urban transport solutions. All batteries (up to 114 kWh on the 6-meter, 127 kWh on the 7-meter) are placed on the rear. Supplier? CATL. Driveline is provided by Dana for 135 and 150 kW respectively.

bus2bus 2024

The vehicles are battery-electric minibuses, 6 and 7-meter respectively (the latter available for test drives outdoor), manufactured in China by Wisdom Motor in cooperation with Omnicar’s team.

Iveco, Daimler, Altas, MCV…

Then Iveco Bus, with the full-electric pairing of Crossway LE Elec and Streetway Elec. Daimler Buses exhibited (again) a 12-metre eCitaro fuel cell.

Altas fielded the Novus City V7 developed with Zhongtong, Arthur Bus offered test drives in the outdoor area of the hydrogen-powered urban bus already seen at Busworld. Also outside was an Ebusco 3.0.

At a German trade fair such as Bus2Bus, the German division of MCV could not miss out, with the C127 EV in two layouts: a maximum passenger seating layout with 39 city bus seats (Ster), a folding seat and a short special use area in one of the two exhibits. 37 passenger seats in intercity seating (Kiel) as well as 2 folding seats and a large special utilisation area at door 2 height in the second exhibit.

Cambell and JBM: from east, focus on Germany

A new German trade fair appearance after Mobility Move for Cambell Motor, daughter of the Chinese group Guantong New Energy Automobile, with headquarters in Gansu province. They presented a battery-electric city bus headed to the German market, with assembly made locally. Eastern origin also for JBM, an Indian group that made its European debut at Busworld 2023 and exhibited its battery-powered coach in Berlin.

Among the Turkish brands, the only ones present are Isuzu and Otokar: the former with the Novo Volt and NovoCiti Volt, the latter with only the e-Kent C, in a version that will be ‘surpassed’ by the one on display from 8 to 10 May at the Next Mobility Exhibition in Milan. There will be two main innovations: elimination of the rear engine tower and an increase in maximum battery capacity to 450 kWh.

Closing out the line-up of buses at the fair is Mellor‘s little one: the Sigma 7 was on the stand of DACH distributor Jebsen & Jessen.

Ekoenergetyka, ZF, Voith, Kiepe, WideSense

From manufacturers to components, among the highlights was the SAT 400 technology from Ekoenergetyka with up to 400 kW charging power via liquid-cooled plug-in cable. ZF has once again put its new range of powertrain solutions in the spotlight, and so has Voith.

The bus floor provider Altro has put on display a new range headed to the zero emission bus segment. Kiepe Electric was present at the expo, with a renewed focus on the supply of integrated drivetrain systems. Chapter IT? Here is, among others, Widesense, a US group increasingly present on the European scene with an offer focused on consulting through software and services that has the goal of making it faster and easier to deploy and scale cost-effective electric vehicle fleets.

Noteworthy is the offensive in the bus world launched by Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies, headquartered in Italy and employing 8,000 people worldwide, active in the production of heating systems for various applications (including railways). Now the focus shifts also to the bus segment, with some partnerships already in place and a new market to explore.


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