BYD has been awarded its first order from TMB Barcelona for 25 new generation 12-metre BYD eBuses. Vehicles from the Chinese company will be operating in the City of Barcelona for the first time ever.

The first of BYD’s eBuses on order from TMB are scheduled for delivery in 2022. Still in France, Madrid has heavily invested in BYD vehicles, with a last 20-units order this summer. Their delivery will take EMT Madrid’s total BYD fleet to 65. BYD has then be awarded half of the 49-units lot tender launched early this year.

The order follows BYD’s success in a Public Tender supporting TMB’s Strategic Plan 2025 to phase out diesel and accelerate the renewal and decarbonization of its bus fleet to reduce air pollution in Barcelona. TMB had also previously collaborated with BYD, having conducted a test of an eBus in 2020, resulting in positive feedback. The adoption of clean energy vehicles in TMB’s fleet will see new buses put into service in Catalonia between 2022 and 2024.

BYD sells e-buses in Barcelona for the first time

All the zero-emission BYD electric buses will be equipped with roof-mounted pantograph providing the convenience of opportunity charging at the bus depot for greater operational efficiencies.

The eBuses on order will be built in BYD’s high-tech European production facility in Hungary which opened in 2017 to exclusively support the needs of its expanding customer base in Europe. A second European plant, in France, has been recently halted.

The eBuses have the advantage of BYD’s unique ‘6 in 1’ control system, the bus builder says, which integrates all the vehicle’s principle electronic components, including the battery, motor and motor controller.

BYD eBuses utilise the latest generation BYD Iron-Phosphate Battery Technology. The 442 kWh battery, with its increased energy density, provides a longer driving range and an extended battery life. A single charge delivers a range of 400km under Standardised on Road Test (SORT II) conditions, BYD says.

FleetLink connectivity system for BYD e-buses in Barclona

The eBuses come equipped with FleetLink connectivity. FleetLink provides all the management tools to monitor performance parameters across the entire BYD eBus fleet, complete with real-time vehicle status visibility. It supports optimum utilisation and maximum uptime.

Isbrand Ho, Managing Director, BYD Europe B.V., said: “BYD is proud to be supplying TMB with our very latest zero-emission eBuses, and commend them for their proactive strategy for decarbonisation to protect the beautiful city of Barcelona, and the people who live within it. They have the reassurance that BYD eBuses are equipped with world-leading technology with proven reliability and safety credentials, while also being modern, stylish and comfortable for passengers to enjoy their journey. We look forward to seeing BYD eBuses operating in Barcelona in 2022.”


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