Iveco France and Heuliez Bus, both belonging to CNH Industrial, officially announced on 11 May 2021 «the rationalization of their structures». The news is reported on the French specialized media Mobilités Magazin.

In a few words, according to the media, Heuliez Bus has transferred part of the assets of its commercial division to Iveco France. This move follows the announcement, in early 2020, that Iveco Bus and Heuliez Bus sales team were joining together.

Since 1 May 2021, Iveco France is in charge of managing all commercial activities for Heuliez Bus public transport vehicles, both in France and abroad, in addition to Iveco Bus businesses.

Heuliez Bus specializes in electric buses

In the framework of this move, Heuliez Bus will specialize in the production of electric buses in its plant in Rorthais. Today 30% of Heuliez Bus production is made of zero emission buses: the range GX Elec is ‘in common’ with Iveco Bus, that has been commercializing it out of the domestic market (under the denomination E-Way).

Recently Rémy Foyer, Managing Director of Iveco France, told that «in five year almost all our production will be zero emissions». The latest delivery happened in Brest. Anyhow, in 2020 Heuliez Bus and Iveco delivered in total 113 electric buses.

Back to the “rationalization” mentioned above, the activities involved by this reorganization are «the sale of Heuliez brand vehicles, as well as associated services such as after-sales, the supply of spare parts and training. The new sales organization will now offer a single product range», Mobilités Magazin says.


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