Volvo Buses sold 111 buses and coaches in the Netherlands in 2023 and placed itself as the market leader in the country (concerning vehicles over 8 tons). It’s particularly noteworthy given that 2022 figure was only 6. Daimler Buses follows closely: it registered a total of 100 buses (comprising 92 Mercedes-Benz and 8 Setra). Van Hool, a Belgian company, secured the third position with 43 new buses.

Ebusco and Iveco Bus grew significantly, with 28 and 9 units registered in 2023 (starting from 1 and 0 respectively in 2022).

Netherlands: the bus market grew 62%

Volvo Buses announced in 2023 the decision to cease the production of complete buses, both urban and coach, in Europe and instead rely on collaborations with bodybuilders (MCV for e-busesSunsundegui for coaches). 

2023 has been a booming year for most of the European markets. In the Italian market registrations of buses over 8 ton hit the figure of 4,043 in 2023. The growth on 2022 is impressive: +72%. Spanish market also grew a lot: 54% compared to 2022 data, with 3,749 buses registered in 2023. Germany? A 12.5% growth, 5,493 units registered (753 e-buses, growing 20%). France kept being the largest bus and coach market in EU: 5,696 units registered last year (+5%).

According to consulting firm Chatrou CME Solutions, the figures (shared via Linkedin by Bas Dubois, Managing Director Benelux at Volvo Buses), indicate a significant increase of the Dutch bus and coach market from the previous year. The total number of new registrations reached 359 in 2023, marking a 62.4 percent rise from the 221 recorded in 2022.

VDL Bus & Coach held the top spot in 2022 with 125 new registrations. Figures from the domestic market confirms that the OEM is facing difficult times: the 41 units registered in 2023 mean a decrease in its volume of 67%. The rankings for the second and third positions remained unchanged from the previous year.


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