Otokar chose the Busworld Turkey to unveil the 18-meter version of its e-Kent. The e-Kent Articulated has a length of 18.7 meter and can be equipped with a maximum battery capacity of 560 kWh. The battery supplier is Webasto.

The motor is provided by Voith (as in the 12-meter version) and is capable of 410 kW of peak power, while battery capacity can be set at 350, 490 and, finally, 560 kWh. HVAC is fully electric. Passenger capacity? Up to 151 people with the smaller battery, 123 with the higher capacity. The bus is to be charged via plug-in connection Combo CCS2.

otokar e-kent articulated

Otokar e-Kent C 12-meter

Otokar electric bus e-Kent C, the 12-meter version, has been launched at IAA 2021 in Munich. It features Webasto battery system based on NMC. Twelve meters in length, e-Kent C can accommodate up to 100 passengers. The maximum output is 340 kilowatts. Maximum battery capacity? 350 kWh. Webasto began battery production in late 2019, an addition to the previous Webasto core business in the area of roofs and heaters, leveraging on a supply agreement with Samsung SDI concerning cells. As a matter of fact, Otokar had previously presented the same e-bus model at UITP summit in 2019.

As mentioned above, the bus is powered by lithium-nickel-manganese-cobalt-oxide batteries from Webasto, providing 35 kilowatt-hours each. Up to ten batteries can be installed which have a total storage capacity of up to 350 kilowatt-hours. The battery modules (accounting for over 2 tons) are installed on the roof and rear of the bus. Up to 20 percent of the energy being used can be recovered during braking. Otokar plans a battery utilization cycle of ten years or equivalent 3000 cycles.


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