August 2019 is the birth month of Proterra Powered project, a new initiative that see the Californian manufacturer ready to make its electric vehicle platform available for the needs of OEMs. The path is open to a new series of partnerships on the development of heavy duty commercial vehicles.

Battery systems, electric drivetrain technology, standardized charging systems for commercial vehicle applications: Proterra so far has developed all of those branches. These achievement are at the basis of the success of Proterra Catalyst electric bus.
electric bus

Proterra and the partnerships underway

To date, Proterra is already partnering with world-class OEMs like Daimler, Van Hool, and Alexander Dennis to introduce 100% battery-electric vehicles that are powered by Proterra electric vehicle technology and provide clean, quiet transportation.

Proterra and Thomas Built Buses, a leading manufacturer of school buses in North America and subsidiary of Daimler, have unveiled a new high-performance electric school bus, the Saf-T-Liner C2 Jouley. A cooperation announced at IAA 2018 (the vehicle has recently been elected as eligible for fundings). Van Hool selected Proterra for its first all-electric motor coach in the North American market.

From initial design consulting, engineering services and integration, to service support, training, and charging infrastructure implementation, Proterra offers comprehensive solutions for vehicle electrification, the manufacturer points out in a press release.

Urban fleet, best use case for EV

The Proterra Powered group is led by Toby Kraus. Kraus has been with Proterra for more than three years and has had a leadership role in Proterra’s finance, strategy and business development efforts. Prior to Proterra, Kraus held several roles at Tesla (as the case of Popple) including overseeing Tesla’s Business Operations team and working as a product manager for the Model S.

“Commercial urban fleets are the best use case for EV technology and we are at the beginning of an electrification revolution for heavy-duty vehicles due to declining battery costs, improved electric powertrain technology, lowered maintenance, and the immense public health benefits EVs bring to our communities,” said Proterra CEO Ryan Popple. “As more OEMs adopt EV technology for their vehicles, Proterra is uniquely positioned to be the best electrification partner because of our years of experience testing and evolving our battery system, drivetrains and charging systems through the deployment of our Proterra Catalyst transit vehicles, with vehicles on the road all across North America.”


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