Volytica diagnostics and CarMedialab (INIT Group) have announced a strategic partnership aimed at further developing the condition monitoring of electric bus batteries. The collaboration comes ahead of the UITP Summit in Barcelona, taking place from 4th to 7th June 2023 at Fira Barcelona Gran Via, where both companies will showcase their solutions at booths H1500 and C202.

Battery analytics company Volytica diagnostics has also been cooperating with TÜV Nord Mobility supporting the reselling transaction of 259 BYD used electric buses in the Province of Overijssel, Netherlands. They are also implementing a joint project for the optimal and safe operation of a fleet of electric buses in London together with Enel X. CarMedialab has recently been awarded charging management for Dakar e-bus fleet.

Volytica diagnostics with CarMedialab for electric bus fleets

As the global electric bus market continues to expand at an unprecedented rate, the demand for turnkey solutions has become increasingly vital. Transparency regarding critical wear parts, particularly batteries, has emerged as a crucial need, the partners agree.

The collaboration between volytica diagnostics GmbH and CarMedialab GmbH aims to enhance the seamless collection of battery data in electric buses for comprehensive vehicle health monitoring.

The partnership between volytica diagnostics GmbH and CarMedialab GmbH is set to offers a range of benefits and use cases for fleet owners, as the partners explain. These include minimizing costs by monitoring warranty conditions, optimizing vehicle availability by detecting battery anomalies, enhancing fire safety through risk identification and preventive measures, reducing battery load to extend service life, and accurately determining residual value for efficient fleet management and asset evaluation.

Additionally, “volytica diagnostics GmbH and CarMedialab GmbH are actively exploring future initiatives such as warranty extension programs and insurance offerings, further enhancing the value proposition for fleet owners”, they say.

Claudius Jehle, Managing Director of volytica (and, by the way, author of knowledge articles on battery-related topics for Sustainable Bus), emphasises: “By working with CarMedialab, we aim to provide fleet owners worldwide with comprehensive insights to ensure optimised performance and increased safety”. 

“Our collaboration will improve the seamless collection of battery data in electric buses to monitor vehicle health. The raw data will be transmitted to volytica, where it will be refined and analysed. With the returned results fleet owners are allowed to easily access and display this validated information within their existing monitoring systems”, explains Heiko Bauer, Managing Director of CarMedialab.


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