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Further 41 Yutong e-buses delivered by Pelican to McGill’s Bus

Yutong UY dealer Pelican announces it has completed deliveries of a further 41 Yutong zero emission vehicles to McGill’s Bus Group. This second tranche of vehicles increases the Yutong fleet in McGill’s to 96 vehicles, after 55 were delivered prior to COP 26 in November 2021. It should be mentioned ...


What is Enel X e-Bus as a Service model, and how does it work?

Urbanization is set for unstoppable growth and so it is the urge to find sustainable solutions to make cities cleaner and more livable for the well-being of the citizens and the planet. Enel X Global Retail has developed an ecosystem of innovative solutions for sustainable and efficient urban living...


Pelican awarded 8 Yutong electric buses in Carmarthenshire (Wales)

Yutong dealer in the UK Pelican has been awarded a zero emission vehicle contract by Carmarthenshire County Council. They are set to be used for the TrawsCymru route. The vehicles are planned to be delivered in Q3/4 2022. Yutong electric buses for Carmarthenshire The vehicles will have a number of s...

Newport to add 16 e-buses (from Yutong – Pelican) to the fleet

Newport Transport is ready to add 16 new e-buses from Yutong. The order has been recently made official. The vehicles will be handed over through the UK dealer Pelican. Expected delivery in December 2021. This supply will bring to 32 the number of Yutong e-buses operating in Newport. The deployment ...

Yutong new buses at Busworld. Europe is the target

«Yutong is the first bus manufacturer in the world in terms of sales volumes. The market share achieved by Yutong in China is 34 per cent. And we have a market share of 15 per cent in the world», said Ms. Jiang Bing, Vice Brand Director of Yutong Group, during the press conference held at Busworld. ...
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