BYD delivered a fleet of 20 units of electric buses to CUTCSA, Uruguay’s largest urban public transport operator, in the capital city of Montevideo. BYD’s first bus imported in 2013 by the local distributor Abriley served as the foundation for the replacement of units executed under the MOVES Program (Urban Sustainable and Efficient Mobility National Program), which seeks to gradually replace traditional diesel-powered buses with electric ones.

Another project underway in Latin America with focus on electrification of public transport is ZEBRA, carried out by ICCT and C40.

byd uruguay montevideo

BYD delivers e-buses in Montevideo, Uruguay

The 20 electric buses, in 12-meter version, will help electrify 100% of the vehicles used today along the CA1 and D1 lines that circulate in central areas of Montevideo City. BYD e-buses are today servicing markets in many countries across Latin America, including Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Panama, and Brazil. Particularly, BYD has delivered a large amount of vehicles in Santiago de Chile, with a first commission of 100 vehicles and a last order for as many as 183 vehicles signed in June 2019.

BYD buses in Uruguay

Juan Antonio Salgado, President of CUTCSA, mentioned that in spite of the effects of COVID-19 on public transportation, CUTCSA and transportation in general are “continuously looking toward the future, as we know there are better times to come and we cannot stop implementing initiatives that, in the future, will be good for all of the transportation and the city”.

Luis Lacalle Pou, President of Uruguay, strengthen that this transportation project helps build greater sovereignty, especially for a country like Uruguay that is not an oil producer but is a strong power generator.


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