New Flyer has received a new contract from the New York City Transit Authority for 60 battery-electric, zero-emission Xcelsior CHARGE NG forty-foot heavy-duty transit buses. The order is supported by Federal Transit Administration funds and advances NYCT’s goal to reduce New York City’s carbon footprint through sustainable public transportation. 

In early March 2019 the public transport authority MTA awarded Nova Bus with a major contract for no less than 165 hybrid buses. In late 2019, MTA rolled out the first 18-meter zero emission bus in New York (from New Flyer) on one of the city’s busiest crosstown routes – the 14th Street busway – as part of the agency’s plan to enhance and modernize the bus fleet. 15 articulated electric buses are bound to hit New York roads, according to the order signed in March 2019. In early 2020 it was announced than $24 million fundings are available to replace diesel-powered transit buses with new all-electric transit buses in the state of New York.

New electric bus order in New York

The order is in addition to 15 battery-electric buses previously delivered to NYCT by New Flyer. The NYCT and the MTA Bus Company comprise the largest transit agency in North America. MTA serves an estimated 8.5 million citizens and more than 60 million visitors with 678 million bus rides annually, and is one of seven transit agencies in New York State to purchase zero-emission buses from New Flyer.

“For more than 25 years, we delivered over 2,990 buses and 1,170 coaches to the MTA,” said Chris Stoddart, President, North American Bus and Coach. “With these additional high-performance zero-emission Xcelsior CHARGE NG buses, we are expanding sustainable mobility in New York City and the surrounding boroughs and delivering cleaner air through immediate greenhouse gas reductions. Together with the MTA, we are building more livable, sustainable communities in the New York region.” 


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