Dutch telematics company ViriCiti announces it has partnered with Gillig, one of the largest bus manufacturers in North America. The collaboration means GILLIG’s electric bus telematics are now powered by ViriCiti fleet management platform. Recently, in Europe, ViriCiti has signed a 7-years agreement with Ebusco.

Just like the “Intel inside” a personal computer, ViriCiti’s platform will now be available in GILLIG buses, offering Gillig customers an intuitive user-friendly platform, the Dutch company says.

Gillig is partnering with Cummins on the way towards the launch of its second generation e-bus model.

ViriCiti is featuring the Sustainable Bus Tour 2021 as partner, and co-founder and CCO Alexander Schabert will be among the panelist of the 6th May webinar entitled “The electric depot. Charging and managing large e-bus fleets”.

ViriCiti analytics on Gillig e-buses

For operators, this means that ViriCiti’s telematics platform will provide access to real-time data and insights, as well as future-proof their operations for prospective bus, charger and third-party software integrations.

The first buses with the integrated offer have already left Gillig’s Livermore production facility.

“We’re very excited to be partnering with Gillig to offer their customers a complete telematics solution. Both Gillig and ViriCiti are committed to providing operators with powerful insights that helps them optimize their fleet operations and make the transition to electric easier.” commented Trishan Peruma, Head of Business Development North America, ViriCiti


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