The 2022 edition of the European Mobility Expo (EuMo) in Paris has been kicked off yesterday. A three-day event dedicated to the (sustainable) mobility of the present and the future, with the world of buses meeting with that of technological solution, as well as the field of alternative and shared means of transport, such as bicycles and electric scooters, which are an integral part, as well as a protagonist, of the mobility ecosystem.

Among the main brands joining the exhibition: CaetanoBus, Volvo, Karsan, Otokar, Switch, Van Hool, Daimler Truck, Heuliez, Solaris, Safra, Irizar e-mobility, Bluebus, Ebusco, Scania, Iveco, Lohr, Forsee Power, Siemens Mobility, Moovit.

Safra, Iveco, Switch, Van Hool

Safra unveiled the Hycity, set to replace the Businova range (which will go out of production in the coming weeks). The Safra Hycity 100 per cent hydrogen bus that was developed for the urban segment but aims to conquer the intercity segment as well. The company also confirms the official farewell to the hybrid, betting everything on zero emissions with the goal of expanding on markets outside France as well.

safra eumo 2022

Iveco Bus has brought in Paris the gas-powered 12-metre Urbanway mild hybrid (picture at the top). This model, realized with the technological cooperation with Voith, in charge of the hybrid module, will also be available in 10.5 and 18 metre sizes.

This is the promise of the manufacturer: “the new-generation Urbanway hybrid delivers 16% fuel savings compared to the standard diesel version and a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 19%, together with a significant improvement in Total Cost of Ownership”. The same technology will be offered on the Crealis range and on the Crossway (that will be delivered in LE Hybrid version starting with 2023).

Switch Mobility: the first e-bus for the European market

So Switch Mobility has presented its e1 bus in the standard 12-metre length: 250 kW power, NMC batteries with a capacity of 389 kWh and a stated range of almost 400 km. Noteworthy are the (ultra)modern and futuristic interiors resembling those of a spaceship.

Last but not least Van Hool, with the brand new A Series, the new range of buses from 12 to 24 metres (this last version a trolleybus) with zero emissions, thanks to electric and hydrogen traction. At the stand the 12-metre version.

van hool eumo 2022

Irizar e-mobility with zero emission buses at EuMo 2022

Irizar e-mobility has been displaying one of its flagship vehicles, the 12 m Irizar ie tram.

Its key features include the design, with the aesthetic attributes of a tram, the hubcaps, the rear-view mirrors that have been replaced by cameras that project their images on two screens inside the vehicle on either side of the driver, or the chrome perimeter ring, which runs round the body of the vehicle. The perimeter ring frames the large glass surface of the sides.

irizar eumo 2022

This particular vehicle has 22 seats, 1 driver’s seat, 2 areas for wheelchairs/pushchairs and it can hold up to 80 passengers. It is equipped with Irizar batteries offering 355 kWh of on board energy, charged by slow charging in depots.

The vehicle on display is owned by Orleans Métropole. The company signed a contract with Irizar e-mobility in April 2020 for the supply of 29 zero-emission Irizar ie tram buses. This agreement was part of Orleans Métropole’s strategy for the energy conversion of its bus fleet to a fully electric public transport system.

Forsee Power: services for electrification

Forsee Power is presenting at EuMo 2022 its range of services to facilitate the energy transition for local authorities, transport operators and bus manufacturers.

Forsee Power has indeed developed, in addition to its range of battery solutions, a range of innovative services to facilitate each stage of the transition to sustainable electromobility.

  • Forsee Solutions: defining the right electrification concept with equipment manufacturers and cities, from battery to infrastructure, and helping with integration into the vehicle;
  • Forsee Field Services: developing preventive maintenance, after-sales and spare parts and hotline;
  • Forsee Digital: monitoring and analysing vehicle fleets;
  • Forsee Academy: training and certification of technicians on Forsee Power batteries;
  • Forsee Financial Services: acting as a financial advisor and facilitator

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