Higer has made public that its bus export volume reached 5,248 units in 2023, with overseas sales revenue exceeding 4.2 billion RMB, up by 70.59% year on year.

Higer’s presence in the European electric city bus sector was showcased in October 2023 with the debut of the Higer Fencer F1 at Busworld Brussels 2023. Featuring the independently developed G4 module chassis, this introduction highlighted Higer’s commitment to eco-friendly transportation solutions. Additionally, the company unveiled the Azure 9 and Azure 7 models, tailored for the European market.

Higer export on a rise

“In Israel, Russia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Algeria, the bus maker saw its sales increase markedly. In South Korea and Israel in particular, Higer ranked the first place in both sales volume and revenue among all bus brands”, Chinabuses.org reports.

And adds: “Higer ranked the second place in China’s large- and medium-sized bus market. In the meantime, its new energy truck and special vehicles started mass production and its autonomous driving bus and unmanned vehicles gained a fast rising popularity in the market”.

In 2023, Higer made advancements in the field of autonomous driving and technology, particularly in Shanghai’s transportation sector. The company introduced 10 units of 8.5-meter internet-connected buses in Lingang and 10 units of 6-meter autonomous driving vehicles in an industrial park.

By the end of 2023, Chinabuses says that Higer secured 397 patents, comprising 87 patents for invention, 272 utility model patents, and 38 patents for exterior design. The company was also actively involved in shaping industry standards, contributing to the formulation of 39 national and industrial benchmarks.

At the 29th Intelligent Transport World Congress in Suzhou, Higer presented L4-level autonomous driving mini-buses, intelligent buses, unmanned cleaning vehicles, and unmanned selling vehicles. The diverse range of services generated interest among participants, reinforcing Higer’s position as a player in the intelligent transport field.


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