Škoda Group, owned by PPF Group, is strengthening its senior management and introducing changes to the organisational structure. A few days ago the company announced the beginning of tests for a new trolleybus model. In late 2021 Skoda unveiled its new battery-electric bus E’CITY, that has been then tested in Prague.

Škoda Group, which includes Plzeň-based Škoda Transportation, wants to get closer to its customers by simplifying and streamlining company processes as it seeks expansion into new markets. The company is presenting itself as Škoda Group and has changed its web domain accordingly. The changes are effective from 1 June, 2022.

The new organizational structure establishes four geographical units and four product lines, including two new lines (Bus and Components). These will complement the already existing Rolling Stock & Digital and Service lines.

Skoda Group reorganization

The Group recently established its Sales & Project Office to support worldwide sales, coordinate projects and provide resource planning to deliver greater efficiency across the entire bidding process. The Group Strategy department is now headed by Martina Casanova, Vice President of Corporate Strategy. Another new reinforcement to the group’s management team is Anna Vaschenko, who will take up the position of Senior Vice President of Sourcing from 1 July and be responsible for purchasing components, raw materials and supplies for the entire group.

The main change to the Group is division according to individual regions and product lines. Finance, legal service, human resources, communications, strategy and the Sales & Project Office will be managed centrally for the entire group. Some positions under these central functions, however, will be specialised for certain regions or product lines.

Management of all regions and product lines Bus and Components will be responsible for their own economic performance and the entire project lifecycle, from initial consultation, through the tendering process to final delivery of all products and other services, Skoda Group says. Research and development will have a vital function in the group’s future direction as Škoda delivers new solutions for modern and sustainable transport in cities and beyond. This year will feature new products in the group’s portfolio.

“We have very ambitious goals, and therefore improving our organisational structure was a logical step. We will also be focusing significantly on expansion into new markets,” says Didier Pfleger, CEO of the Škoda Group. “The new structure will improve our approach to customers and customer proximity, as teams will have a better understanding of customer needs and be able to create appropriate solutions.”


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