Trambuses are ready to run in Swedish city of Malmö under Nobina’s livery. Van Hool has indeed concluded a contract with the largest passenger transport company in Scandinavia for the delivery of 21 battery-electric 24-meter articulated trambuses of the Exqui.City model.

The trambuses are expected to go into service mid-2022 in Malmö (Sweden). The vehicles are plug-in battery-electric and will be charged in the Nobina depot in Malmö. Van Hool is also involved in the maxi order signed in Paris for bi-articulated e-buses. Among suppliers of e-buses for Nobina so far there are BYD and Ebusco.

Van Hool trambuses for Malmö

This type of vehicle is built on a multi-power platform that is now 100% zero emission: battery-electric, trolley and hydrogen (the latter being in operation in French Pao). This platform makes the Exqui.City, in both the 18 and 24 meter versions, a basis for the use of these different eco-friendly power systems. There are already more than 300 trambuses operating in 17 cities, primarily in Europe but also in Martinique (a French overseas department).

van hool trambus malmo

Van Hool: committed to 100% zero emission bus range

Filip Van Hool, CEO of Van Hool, commented: “This order confirms the confidence that Nobina has in Van Hool. This is a new and important reference for Van Hool and it represents the undeniable proof of the company’s technological power. Van Hool is fully committed to its 100% zero emission bus and coach range. We are convinced that the various 100% zero emission solutions we offer – battery-electric, trolley and hydrogen – can, depending on the local application, provide an answer to the environmental and sustainability initiatives that public transport companies worldwide are undertaking. As an independent Belgian manufacturer of buses and coaches, with customers all over the world, we have delivered no fewer than 1,200 electrically powered vehicles, so far Van Hool’s strength lies in the fact that we have gained a lot of experience in various complex types of electrically powered vehicles, including 100% battery electric vehicles, and the charging infrastructure that goes with it.”

“We feel pride in continuing this journey together with Skånetrafiken and Van Hool, introducing the next generation of 24 meter, fully electric zero emission tram buses – the first of its kind in the Nordics. Further developing the modern, safe and sustainable public traffic solution in Malmö”, said Jens Råsten, Fleet Manager at the Nobina Group.

van hool trambus malmo


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