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Solaris fuel cell bus: the Urbino 12 hydrogen takes the road

Solaris Urbino 12 hydrogen. The Polish producer has added in 2020 the fuel cell bus to its zero-emission bus portfolio. At the heart of the vehicle is the eighth generation of the fuel cell module by Ballard, launched at Busworld 2019. Solaris officially presented their hydrogen Urbino at the UITP s...

Frankfurt orders its first fuel cell buses from Solaris

Solaris has sold 13 fuel cell buses in Frankfurt. The buses are to be deployed on target routes in 2022. The Polish company announces it has won a tender call made by the company In-der-City-Bus which is in charge of public transport in Frankfurt. A batch of 15 units is headed to Cologne, another 20...

Caetano fuel cell bus on a test in Oviedo

The city of Oviedo will test a Caetano H2.CityGold for the next three months From 15th of April. The bus will run through the different TUA lines. In December 2020 a strategic alliance was announced between Toyota Europe, CaetanoBus and Finlog in an effort dedicated to the development and production...
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