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How is the bus industrial landscape changing in Europe?

Body builders are experiencing a new golden age. The ‘electric race’ has shuffled the cards of a sector that has remained too tied to old entrepreneurial logics and dotted with large groups that are economically uncompetitive and poorly responsive to market developments. The pandemic acted as a cata...

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A tender for up to 50 fuel cell buses in Hamburg

Fuel cell buses in Hamburg. The operator Hamburger Hochbahn has launched a tender for the supply of up to 50 fuel cell buses for the years 2021 to 2025. The invitation to tender is split in four lots. The operator intends to buy both fuel cell buses and battery-electric buses with fuel cell range ex...

Solaris sells 20 trolleybuses in Romania

Ploiești, in Romani, has opted for 20 low-floor Solaris Trollino 12 trolleybuses. According to the contract worth PLN 36 million, the vehicles will have been delivered within two years from the signing date. These will add to electric vehicles made by the Polish manufacturer on Romanian roads. The o...
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