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What is happening at UITP Summit 2023 in Barcelona [LIVE UPDATES]

Looking for a comprehensive coverage of the UITP Summit 2023? Sustainable Bus takes you on a step-by-step journey, bringing you all the latest news and updates. This article will provide a detailed account of the event, with real-time updates and an in-depth analysis of this influential gathering. D...


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TAM Vero, the Slovenian midibus with IPT wireless charging

A Slovenian electric midibus equipped with a wireless charging system. TAM Vero (brand and model respectively) presents itself as a newcomer in the increasingly crowded electric bus market. The vehicle, built on a modular platform, is available in a variety of sizes from 7.7 to 10.7 meters and has b...

TPER enters the LNG era with Industria Italiana Autobus and Scania

TPER enters the LNG era with Industria Italiana Autobus and Scania, that will supply 31 city buses and 15 intercity buses respectively. We already reported about the Interlink LD LNG ordered by the Italian public transport company to Scania. Today, TPER announced the awarding to Industria Italiana A...

50,000 electric buses out of BYD factories in nine years

What we see in the picture is the 50,000th full electric bus produced by BYD. A striking number, if compared to the 2,200 (more or less) electric buses in circulation in Europe and the approximately 400,000 full electric buses in circulation around the world (99 per cent of them in China, as widely ...

Scania, the electric bus pilot in Sweden becomes… wider

Three electric buses by Scania are running on a bus route in Östersund (Sweden) from March 2018 for a pilot. And other three vehicles will be added soon. A new electric bus route will be established. The line is one among nine routes operated by Nettbuss Stadsbussarna in Östersund. The next step? Th...
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