After launching a complete, 6- to 18-metre, fully electrified range and also launching its first hydrogen-powered bus (as well as a self-driving bus), taking home the Sustainable Bus Award 2023 with the e-Ata 12 in the Urban category, Karsan also won the Global Business Excellence Awards.

With its ‘Karsan Electric Evolution’ strategy, Karsan took first place in its electric transformation journey in the ‘Outstanding Business Transformation’ category of the Global Business Excellence Awards, where an independent and very broad jury of experts determined the brands that do their job flawlessly. However, with ‘Karsan Autonomous e-Atak’, the brand managed to win another award in the ‘Outstanding Innovation’ category.

Karsan Ceo Okan Baş commented: ‘We are proud to win another prestigious award after the Sustainable Bus 2023, which we won with our 12-metre electric e-Ata model. In this competition, we achieved many firsts in Europe and America in the category ‘Outstanding Innovation’ and received an award with our Autonomous e-Atak project, which currently transports passengers on a real route. In the category “Outstanding Business Transformation”, we won an award with our Karsan Electric Evolution strategy, which started in the last 5 years with e-Jest, followed by e-Atak, Autonomous e-Atak and then with our 10-12-18 metre e-Atak models that have led the transformation of electric mobility. These awards are particularly important to us as one of the highest profile awards in the world. The common point of these awards is that the winning companies are truly the best in their field. As Karsan, we are always working to be one step ahead in the future of mobility with our advanced technology models that we develop and produce, and the leading role we play in the electric transformation of public transport.


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