Besides revealing first rendering of the under-development new intercity zero emission bus platform, Solaris has highlighted its financial and sales results 2023 during the press conference held this morning.

Solaris shared that vehicle sales reached 1,456 units (-2.4 per cent on 2022, when the Polish company sold 1,492 units), marking however an 18% growth in revenue compared to the previous year (up to 819 million euros). The company solidified its leading position in the electric bus market (taking into account both BEV and FCEV buses, as MAN qualified as leader in the battery-electric bus market), holding a 15.2% share and maintaining its top spot since 2012 with a cumulative 14.5% market share.

Notably, sales of electric, hydrogen, trolley, and hybrid buses surpassed 80% of the total mix for the first time. Last year also saw Solaris enter the Canadian market, a strategic move toward expanding its reach in North America.

solaris results 2023

Solaris dominated the hydrogen bus market in 2023

In 2023 Solaris delivered its products to customers from 17 countries. Major recipients of Solaris vehicles included, among other carriers, operators from Poland, Spain, Italy, Norway, Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Hungary. In the reported period, Solaris delivered a total of 690 units of battery electric buses. Also worthy of note is the fact that Solaris sold 202 units of trolleybuses and 81 hydrogen buses: 44.5% of all hydrogen buses registered in Europe in 2023 are Solaris vehicles.

solaris results 2023

“82% of Solaris 2023 production was made of alternative drive buses (a significant jump ahead from 55% last year, editor’s take). Half of the supply consisted of zero emission buses. And 95 per cent of the 1,838 buses now in our backlog are low or zero emission, 80 per cent zero emissions”, added Solaris’ CEO Javier Iriarte.

The most significant contracts achieved in 2023

In 2023, Solaris acquired and also delivered (partially or fully) a number of significant contracts. Below, the list shared by the company itself:


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