VDL Citea new generation has been finally unveiled today at InnoTrans 2022. The Dutch manufacturer brought a first demo vehicle in Berlin, where the bus is on the Bus Display.

VDL has been leading e-bus market in Europe in first half of 2022. Commercial strategy? “We’ll be moving south, with the goal of expanding our business in the markets in France and Italy”, said Alex De Jong, business manager public transport. The bus range has been developed in six years time. Energy consumption is cut of 20 to 25 per cent compared to current electric city bus range, he added.

What is interesting is passenger capacity: 110 people can be welcomed on the version with standard battery capacity (i.e. 306 kWh).

The bus, purpose-built for electric traction, was previously presented on an online event in May 2021. The launch was announced in December 2020. The first vehicles are going to be deployed in Lahti, Finland. A large order was scored in France.

Credit: Sustainable Bus

VDL Citea new generation unveiled at InnoTrans

The new product family is the outcome of a new concept entirely developed on an electric driveline. And, for the first time, it houses batteries in the floor (in the standard version of 306 kWh). Maximum battery capacity is 490 kWh, with the kWh exceeding 306 put on the roof. Battery modules are assembled in-house by the VDL group. Formula is NMC, supplier not mentioned. What is interesting is passenger capacity: 110 people can be welcomed on the version with standard battery capacity.

Credit: Sustainable Bus

VDL states an impressive range: «All vehicles cover a distance of 500 to 600 kilometres. Even in bad weather conditions (-15 degrees Celsius), the Citea can still drive 250 kilometres 100% electrically».

For this new generation of electric city buses, VDL Bus & Coach has developed a composite sidewall that consists of a single piece. This causes less vibration, reduces noise pollution and has a good insulation value, which ultimately contributes to passenger comfort.


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