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Kiel relies again on VDL: 50 electric Citea (New Generation) awarded

KVG has once again awarded a e-bus contract to VDL. From July 2024 until June 2025, 3 to 5 e-buses of the latest generation will be delivered per month: 30 New Generation Citea electric articulated buses LF-181 and 20 New Generation Citea electric solo buses LF-122 will be in total deployed in the G...


Electric Bus

Electric buses in New York, the first articulated hits the road

The debut of electric articulated buses in New York. On Sunday, the first 18-meter zero emission bus (from New Flyer) was deployed by MTA on one of the city’s busiest crosstown routes – the 14th Street busway – as part of the agency’s plan to enhance and modernize the bus fleet. 15 articulated elect...

An Higer-built bus for Irish market. A project by Harris Auto

A Chinese-built electric bus is bound to be offered on Irish road from next year, as the result of a project jointly developed with Harris Auto Group, which pointed out the specifications for the vehicle manufactured by Higer. It’ll be named STEED, acronym for Sustainable Transport Electric En...
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