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MAN automated bus in operation in Munich from 2025 onwards

Pilot operation of an automated MAN bus is planned from 2025 onwards within the just-announced MINGA project, that see the manufacturer cooperating with the City of Munich, the Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG), the Münchner VerkehrsVerbund (MVV) as well as companies and research institutes. Auton...



GridBeyond: the transition to EV fleets and the issue of charging

Transition to EV fleets is underway: optimization of charging becomes paramount and artificial intelligence is there to help. That’s the business where GridBeyond is involved. The company has indeed developed an AI-powered platform which has the goal of accelerating the transition to a net-zer...

Worcester welcomes bus shelters of the future

Bus stops and bus shelters like you’ve never seen before, except in futuristic, science fiction movies. Worcester, United Kingdom, is a big place for technology and sustainability: yes, because the capital of the county of Worcestershire, is ready to install a new type of shelter which breaks ...

Iveco Bus and EasyMile together for Autonomous Standard City Bus

Autonomous Standard City Bus from Iveco and EasyMile: yes, it can be done. Testing of a prototype of a fully autonomous driverless standard bus, capable of operating in real-world conditions, by Iveco Bus and EasyMile has been successful. This achievement marks a key milestone for the advancement of...
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