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End of public transport as we know it? Tune in on 14th December for a videoreporting dealing with on-demand transport and autonomous driving

The landscape of public transport is on the brink of transformation, as technology opens doors to unprecedented flexibility. In our upcoming videoreporting belonging to the Sustainable Bus Tour 2023 initiative, we delve into the intriguing topic: “End of public transport as we know it? On-dema...


Sustainable Bus Tour

‘Energy transition out of city centers’: VIDEO AVAILABLE for the web event featuring Busworld, Transdev, Arriva, Flixbus, Iveco Bus, Twaice, ChargePoint

On Friday 28th October we have organized the web event ‘Energy transition out of city center‘, part of the second edition of the Sustainable Bus Tour. Reason of such a topic is simple : in the public transport world, out of cities the commitment to energy transition goes along with quest...
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