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Ekoenegetyka gains ground in Germany

After projects in Hamburg and Munich, among others, Ekoenergetyka is now putting its signature on Berlin future public transport network. The first devices will be delivered to the customer already in February 2020, the Polish company points out.

In Munich Ekoenegetyka is going to supply charging spots in the purpose-built depot for electric buses, where up to 200 electric buses will find their recovery place. Ekoenergetyka has contracts underway also in Polish capital city Warsaw and Norway. Also, the supplier has been awarded with a contract for 62 charging stations in Paris.

Housing constructions for Berlin’s chargers

In Berlin, Ekoenergetyka chargers will be equipped with a liquid crystal display, CCS connector and RFID proximity reader. In order to ensure maximum safety for both drivers and service personnel when connecting the power supply to the buses, the charging stations will have a housing construction with a swing arm for feeding the CCS cable. This will eliminate the possibility of any collision with approaching buses. Moreover, this solution will minimize the wear and tear of CCS components during operation. Furthermore, the entire infrastructure will be equipped with a diagnostic system.


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