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Cummins launches testing of IC engine fueled with hydrogen

Cummins has began testing a hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engine. Following the proof-of-concept testing, the company plans to evaluate the engine in a variety of on- and off-highway applications, supporting the company’s efforts to accelerate the decarbonization of commercial vehicles. Cummin...

Hispacold gets improved rating for performance quality

Hispacold announces it has achieved the highest quality assurance rating offered by certification body IRIS (ISO/TS 22163) – the recently created Silver level – after renewing its IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) certificate for performance quality. The rating system aimed ...


Yutong Xiaoyu 2.0 autonomous bus wins the 2021 Red Dot Award

The Yutong Xiaoyu 2.0 has been awarded the design prize 2021 Red Dot Award. Developed by the Chinese group – the largest bus builder in the world for production volumes -, the 5.5-meter shuttle bus stands out for being the world’s first autonomous bus recognized by world-class industrial desig...


ABB launches a new roof-charging solution for ebuses

ABB portfolio of solutions for electric buses’ charging has been enriched with a new protagonist: the Swiss group has launched the flexible and automated Panto Up pantograph, designed to make recharging operations more efficient, especially in the case of large fleets of vehicles, where the ne...

e-troFit turns ICE into electric buses. With ZF powertrain

Take a standard diesel bus, remove the internal combustion engine and replace it with electric axle (by ZF) and battery pack. Here we are: a new (more or less…) electric bus is ready for the road. With the awareness that this is a compromise solution, useful during a transition period that may...

Michelin with Proterra to develop a tire optimized for ebuses

Proterra is partnering with Michelin to develop a tire optimized for battery electric bus operations in urban areas. The tire is called Michelin X InCity Energy Z and is being developed in order to reduce rolling resistance, increase load-carry capacity and leverage superior traction, resulting in i...

Allison to offer an electric axle drivetrain for electric buses

Allison Transmission launches in North American market an electric axle powertrain system developed for electric buses. The company unveiled the new e-axle range, under the denomination ABE series, at the Advanced Clean Technology Expo in Long Beach, California. In late April Allison announced the p...

Heliox powers VDL zero emission buses in Amsterdam city

The first electric buses in Amsterdam city will be powered by Heliox 8MW fast charge network. 31 VDL electric buses will start operation in 2020, and the contract includes an option for additional 69 zero emission buses to be added int he coming years. The entire GVB fleet is planned to be converted...
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