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Arcol to introduce eMirror System at UITP Summit

Arcol is set to unveil its eMirror system for buses at the upcoming UITP Summit 2023 in Barcelona. This launch marks a significant milestone for the company as it solidifies its position in the rear-view mirror sector and embraces the new era of technology. Arcol Camera Monitoring System (CMS) consi...



Allison to offer an electric axle drivetrain for electric buses

Allison Transmission launches in North American market an electric axle powertrain system developed for electric buses. The company unveiled the new e-axle range, under the denomination ABE series, at the Advanced Clean Technology Expo in Long Beach, California. In late April Allison announced the p...

Heliox powers VDL zero emission buses in Amsterdam city

The first electric buses in Amsterdam city will be powered by Heliox 8MW fast charge network. 31 VDL electric buses will start operation in 2020, and the contract includes an option for additional 69 zero emission buses to be added int he coming years. The entire GVB fleet is planned to be converted...
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