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Electric buses, a Chinese affair (until now). Bnef report, 1st part

While in the case of electric car diffusion there is a lot of talking… but global data registered worldwide are still embarassing, city bus market is a whole other story. Thanks to China stratospheric performance, tomorrow is already today. Or better: yesterday. The years 2015, 2016 and 2017 (in ter...

The future city bus according to Daimler. Figure it out!

“The bus users’ wishes will play a much more decisive part than previously in the development of the Future City Bus,” says Dr. Ahmet Demircioglu, a futurologist at Daimler. In the year 2030, “classic” city buses will no longer be the only ones on the road. Electric buses are bound to conquer the ur...

BYD will provide 100 electric buses to Santiago in Chile

100 electric buses by BYD will go in operation in Chile’s capitol Santiago. The announce has been made today, 3rd July. They will debut on the road of the city by late November. The model? BYD K9FE. Two electric buses BYD already in operation in Santiago The electric buses will be incorporated...

Solaris Bus & Coach acquired by CAF

Solaris Bus & Coach has been acquired by the Spanish company Caf, which in this way expands its area of interest to the world of electromobility, which sees Solaris as European leader in the electric bus market with a market share of 18 percent. A market with marginal numbers to date, but ready ...
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