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The first eCitaro for Hamburger Hochbahn has been delivered

The first public transport company to order the Mercedes eCitaro has today received the first unit of the vehicle. Mercedes delivered the first series production model of an urban bus with a fully-electric drive system to the public transport company Hochbahn AG in Hamburg. It is part of an order fo...

EMT Madrid orders Citaro NGT, 276 units in two years (and 184 Scania)

EMT Madrid placed an order for 276 Mercedes Citaro NGT, fuelled with natural gas. The public transport company of Spanish capital is strongly committed to natural gas. The investment include also the purchase of 184 units of Scania N280-CNG. In total, as a press release from Daimler reports, 672 Cit...

Akasol is working on future Nmc battery for Mercedes eCitaro

Following the world premiere of Mercedes eCitaro, when Daimler management announced the roadmap of expected batteries’ development claiming that in 2020 Akasol Nmc batteries will be able to carry 35 per cent more energy in the same space/weight, now Akasol takes the floor, with a press release...

Electric Citaro, 15 units order by BVG Berlin

BVG Berlin is entering the electric bus era with an order for 15 fully electric Mercedes Citaro. This doesn’t mean the city is stopping its investments on diesel bueses, as proved by the recent record-breaking order for up to 950 city buses, also Citaro. The order is the result of the first te...

Mercedes electric Citaro on the launching pad

Electric Citaro is almost ready for the market. The 20 years aged best seller in the field of city buses has ben unveiled in its battery version during 2017 and will go into serial production by the end of this year. Hochbahn Hamburg (that plans to procure emission-free buses only from 2020) has alr...
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