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ADL with SmartVision: cameras and displays in place of mirrors

Alexander Dennis Limited delivered the first Enviro buses with high-definition digital cameras and interior displays instead of traditional mirrors. The SmartVision system, according to the British manufacturer, can improve visibility and reduce the risk of accidents. The system is manufactured by t...

The electric axle ZF on Optare and New Flyer buses

ZF is highlighting two market successes for its AxTrax AVE electric portal axle (initially known as AVE 130). Firstly, 31 of the famous red London double-decker buses will be equipped with this technology. The electric buses will be built by British manufacturer Optare and comply with one of the str...

Firecom Automotive fire extinguishing system approved ECE-R107

Aerosol fire extinguishing system AK0746 by Firecom Automotive has received approval according to the new regulation ECE-R107, which aims to standardize rules for accessories and vehicle spart parts in Europe. The system, which fight fire arising in the engine compartment of of buses and coaches, is...

Alstom chooses Forsee Power batteries for Aptis

Alstom Aptis will be equipped with Nmc Li-ion batteries by Forsee Power. The announcement come from Alstom, that is approaching the begin of serial production of its first electric bus, designed with a innovative design that takes inspiration from tramways and provide large windows and a spacious fu...

Akasol is working on future Nmc battery for Mercedes eCitaro

Following the world premiere of Mercedes eCitaro, when Daimler management announced the roadmap of expected batteries’ development claiming that in 2020 Akasol Nmc batteries will be able to carry 35 per cent more energy in the same space/weight, now Akasol takes the floor, with a press release...

Solaris Bus & Coach, heating an electric bus is a LPG affair

Solaris, the electric bus is heated with Lpg. It’s one of the recent achievements of Solaris Bus & Coach Research and Development Department, which currently employs nearly 150 engineers. One of the areas that Solaris engineers have recently worked on were air conditioning and heating as w...
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