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VHH orders 16 eCitaro for Hamburg. With extra battery capacity

Further eCitaro will be operating in Hamburg. With extra battery. Beyond the 20 vehicles contract signed in 2018 by Hamburger Hochbahn, today Mercedes announces that Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein (VHH) just ordered 16 “made in Mannheim” electric buses. The public transport company co...

Up to 25 fuel cell buses will hit Liverpool City Region’s roads

Up to 25 fuel cell buses will hit Liverpool City Region’s roads. The buses will be the Enviro400 hydrogen double deck bus developed in partnership between Alexander Dennis and Arcola Energy. The first vehicles are expected to begin operation in 2020. The Liverpool City Region is set to be the ...

BVG Berlin presents the first Mercedes eCitaro

The first Mercedes eCitaro for BVG Berlin arrived at destination. It’s the first unit out of a 15 electric bus order. Berlin public transport company also ordered 30 Solaris Urbino Electric (15 solobuses and 15 articulated. Those will be the first articulated electric buses in Berlin bus fleet...

Proterra sets a US record for electric bus battery capacity

Proterra sets a new US record equipping the electric bus Catalyst E2 35-foot with no less than 440 kWh of battery capacity. The bus, Proterra claims, has successfully completed the safety, structural strength and distortion tests at the Altoona Bus Research and Testing Center with 440 kWh of onboard...
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