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New Flyer sources battery modules from American Battery Solutions

American Battery Solutions (ABS) has signed a multi-year contract with New Flyer to supply custom battery packs for the manufacturer’s newest 35-, 40-and 60-foot battery-electric transit buses. NFI is now launching ABS batteries into bus production for customer deliveries starting in the first...

Canada, Winnipeg gets zero emission buses from New Flyer

New Flyer has received new firm orders for 16 battery-electric and fuel cell-electric transit buses from Winnipeg Transit (the manufacturer has its headquarter in the same Canadian city). The contract also has options to be extended for up to four years to purchase up to 150 40-foot zero-emission bu...


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5 New Flyer Xcelsior Charge electric buses for Utah Transit Authority

Utah Transit Authority has awarded New Flyer a contract for 5 forty foot (12 meters) electric buses Xcensior Charge. The award includes the zero-emission buses and charging equipment, and was supported by Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funds through the Low or No Emission (“Low-No”) Vehicle De...

Canada’s largest battery electric bus contract goes to New Flyer

New Flyer wins the largest battery electric bus contract in Canada sofar. The cities of Montréal and Laval, indeed, ordered 40 12 meters (40 foot) New Flyer buses with 466 kWh battery pack for their transit agency, STM and STL respectively. Before starting with the production and delivery of the bus...

New Flyer provides 10 electric buses to Toronto

Ten electric buses by New Flyer (Canadian subsidiary of Nfi Group) will hit the road of Toronto for a first pilot decided by the Toronto Transit Commission (Ttc). The order of Xcelsior Charge includes an option for another 30 electric buses over the next two years. Besides, the plan of Ttc is to tur...
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